20 Ways to Get Your Crush to Like You

20 Ways to Get Your Crush to Like You

Having a crush is one of the most painful things. You keep daydreaming about spending time with him/her and having them by your side. Whenever you get free time, you visualize yourself with them. This keeps going on until you realize that the time has finally come to speak to them. But you keep drowning in a self-made fact that they’re better than you and that they will never like you or talk to you. To make this clear, keep one thing in mind that if you like someone, you always think of them as superior to you. So, if you want to exit the friend zone and get your crush to finally like you, then follow the tips.

1. Never be fake

As mentioned above, when you like someone, you try to become the person they expect you to be. Everyone has different priorities. Do what you can but never change what defines you. People change themselves and they end up looking fake. Trust me, building a relationship on lies is the worst thing you can do. Your crush will definitely find out in the end that you changed yourself for him/her. So, do show off, but make sure it is your own self. Your crush will definitely find you amazing. However, if he/she doesn’t, then someone else will.

2. Send some signals

You are fantastic already and now you should gear up to send some flirty signals. If you don’t take a step now, then your crush will be someone else’s girlfriend or boyfriend. So, heat up the situation. There’s nothing extra in waving hello or nudging accidentally in the hallway. Once you become a person they know about, take one step ahead by asking for the phone number for homework purposes or just set up a study date. If in office, try staying late when they are doing the same.

3. Know if you both have common interests

This is tried and tested by many people who are in love. If you try to relate to him/her, then you have better chances of turning your crush into your girlfriend/boyfriend. No matter if its sneakers, music or sports, you can bond over even the simplest things. But make sure that you don’t like something because he/she likes it. Just do your research and find reasons. If you can’t find anything you both love, then try finding anything you both hate.

4. Be kind

Being sassy is important, but if you show the harsh side of you with your family and friends, then things might get messed up with your crush. So, while trying to make him/her yours, make sure you are working on your past broken relationships as well. This is important to make sure that when your crush meets your friends and family, they only find out that you are a kind person and being in a relationship with you is worth it.

5. Play it with humor

This doesn’t mean that you have to be a comedian to play it cool. Humor is something everyone likes and this is a great way to attract people. Once you two create your inside jokes, the fun will be endless. Just joke about anything you like and be yourself. You don’t have to crack forceful jokes. Also, don’t be afraid of being lame, just try it, you’ll fail a few times but your crush will find it cute.

6. Don’t try too hard

You know that some girls hike up their skirts and boys make their clothes tighter in order to impress their crush. This is wrong and not worth it. Instead, just be cool and act casual. Do, brush your teeth because nothing is sexier than hygiene, but other than that, don’t try too hard.

7. Don’t rush

This is a classic. You need to be really patient throughout the process. We understand that the feeling never lets you be patient, but you have to. You took your time to fall in love, now give them theirs. After you send a flirty text, don’t think too much. Read a book or watch a movie while waiting for their reply. Give the whole thing some time and let them come to you.

8. You start first

Even if your crush looks like the most confident person on earth, he or she might be shy inside. So, never be afraid to take the initiative. Another golden tip to be close to someone is to share your feelings. This will make the other person comfortable and they might end up sharing their feelings with you. Whether it is a text or Facebook message, just do it first. The result might be something amazingly unexpected. People wait for others to show a reaction.

9. Don’t forget your friends

Remember that time when your buddy ran off to the supermarket to buy you tissues when the last time a guy or girl ditched you? Just keep your friends close and spend time with them rather than with the thoughts of your crush. This will help you divert your mind. However, if you don’t want that, then you can discuss him/her with them. They’ll give you great tips and make your crush know that you exist. Surrounded by true friends also sends a message of loyalty and that you are a fun person.

10. Don’t be a stalker

We understand that you are obsessed with him/her, but just keep the stalking to Facebook. Don’t try to hold weird conversations with his/her mother or friends. Also don’t visit their house at night with your gals or guys. It only looks good in movies and really creepy in real life. Just have faith and trust in yourself. Knowing about their whereabouts is one thing and following them is another. So, don’t forget your lane and play it safe. No one likes a person, who sticks to them like a gum and gives them some intimidating vibes.

11. Listen

There are two types of people in this world; those who keep talking and those who keep listening. Don’t be the first. You might be a chatterbox in your friend circle, but work on your listening skills as well. Pay attention and be courteous. He or she will definitely notice this favor. Sometimes, the only thing one wants is someone who listens. You don’t even have to respond all the time. Just acknowledge their life as yours and your crush will be with you in no time. Do give some suggestions to keep the conversations going but make sure they are serious and you are not making fun of them.

12. Pay attention to little things

This one is a follow-up for the listening tip. It is not important to know big things about your crush; everyone can do that, it’s the little things that make a difference. For instance if he/she doesn’t like orange and peanuts cause allergic reaction to them, then you’ll know that you shouldn’t gift them an orange jar full of nuts for the birthday. They will notice that you are attracted to them in this way and they will realize that a person who cares is worth keeping in life.

13. Mingle with other people too

Yes, you can’t see anyone other than your crush but only you know that, your crush doesn’t. Be obsessed but only on the inside. Talk to other guys or girls to let your crush know that you won’t wait forever. You also have other options and that you aren’t too desperate. They usually show it in the movies, but it works in real life as well. So, keep your options open and think about other people too. I know it’s hard but you’ll be satisfied after a while.

14. Up your confidence game

People find it irresistible when someone is in his/her own skin. The world around you will worship you if you imagine it like that. And for this, confidence is the key. So, next time, throw on the outfit you love and meet your crush in the truest way. Talk to them like you know them from before and don’t be ashamed of anything. Restricting yourself will only result in barriers and after some time, your crush won’t even talk to you. Make sure you are prominent and try to be the same to your crush as you are with everyone.

15. Leave a note

If you want to push forward the game a little, then leave a note. It does sound juvenile, but nothing is more romantic than this. Just leave a simple, cute, and to the point note in their locker or on the desk. It is safer than saying it face to face or online. What to say? Anything that this honest and subtle. Don’t be afraid that you might end up ruining everything. If you have invested your feelings in someone worthy, then they won’t ever let you suffer through any kind of embarrassment. Period. Otherwise, just move on.

16. Don’t bash people of their interest

It is very likely that when you are into someone, you get jealous of everyone they have interest in. It is a turn on when you are in a relationship, but the biggest turn off when you are trying to get someone to like you. Just be nice to the people in his/her circle and try to befriend them. You can actually get some insights from them. Also, if he/she is committed then don’t be a serial killer with your emotions, keep it low and hope for the best. You don’t have to be in a relationship, you can always be friends with him/her for some time.

17. Dress like you mean it

The way you dress can put the ball in your court. You appearance always matters. As mentioned above, you don’t have to dress provocatively to get your crush’s attention. Just dress cutely. There is always a room for improvement when it comes to dressing up, so do watch some tutorials or take tips from your friends. Follow the latest trends and don’t send wrong messages. A clever sense is needed here so that your crush doesn’t run away from you.

18. Wear a good cologne/perfume

When you are around him/her, make sure you are wearing a sweet perfume that girls or guys like. Axe commercials only work on TV so don’t opt for something like that. The tip is based on the fact that a good smell can have a big impact on human body. Also keep one thing in mind that you don’t wear it too much, your crush might get a migraine. So, be careful in that regard. Otherwise, just wear something that most of the people like. You can take some suggestions in that matter.

19. Befriend his/her friends

Don’t do it in a creepy manner. It is one of the most effective ways to get close to someone if done in a right way. Don’t get too stingy and always be friendly. For instance, if one of his/her friends is in a particular class or department same as yours, then talk more to them. Only make casual conversations and don’t come on to them. Also, don’t talk forcefully. If there is someone in their circle that you don’t like, then stay away. Make a group of people who can put a good word in for you later.

20. Don’t be too desperate

This is the last but the most important tip. It is linked to all the ones that are mentioned above. Just don’t be head over heels to get a guy or girl to like you. A person who knows your value will like you ultimately. You might have to wait a little but in the end if you belong to him/her, things will work that way.

So, try any of these tips and follow a path that is worth it. Don’t run after anything that you can’t get or do. Don’t make your life hell just to get them. If you deserve them, you will definitely be alongside them. Give it all some time and wait for the magic to happen.