6 Ways To Be Friends With Your Ex

6 Ways To Be Friends With Your Ex

“Let’s be Friends” is one of the most frequently used and common lines that people use after they breakup. Cutting all the grounds with someone you have dreamt of spending your life with is extremely difficult. Maybe that is why most of the people plan to stay friends with their ex after breakup. This sounds pretty easy but is actually very hard as being friends with someone you were in a romantic relationship with changes a lot of things. Keep on reading to have some tips on staying friends with your ex after breakup.

1. Do Not Rush

Changing your relationship from dating to friendship all of a sudden doesn’t sound right. It seems impossible as you are shaking hands with someone who just broke your heart. So, do not rush for friendship with your ex immediately after breakup. Get some space and focus on yourself. During this time, break all the contacts with your ex and erase all the memories of relationship. This is the only way you two can be good friends.

2. Find The Reason

Is it really necessary for you to be friends with your ex? What could be the possible reason for this decision? Are you having the urge to keep in contact with them or is it because you want a chance to get them back? Ask yourself these questions and then take the decision as to whether you really need it or you are just doing it to fulfill something that’s missing.

3. Act As A Friend

Once you have decided to become their friend, then forget about the past and act as friend to them. You should never bring up the arguments of the past or try to flirt with them. Also take care of the conversations you have with them as they should be decent. Have fun, party with them and be there for them as friends do.

4. Approach

Now that you have determined the legitimate reasons for friendship, you should now reach out to them through text, email or call. Think of the creative ways to approach again. Start of with something like “Hey! This picture reminded me of you” or something like that. At their reply, ask them whether they are interested in staying friends or not.

5. Don’t Meet Them During Night

Before starting friendship with your ex, make sure you set some ground rules. For instance, always meet them during the daytime as daylight doesn’t include any awkward activities that could lead to attachment. Ask them for a cup of coffee instead of clubbing as it includes alcohol intake which may lead to sex or fight. Also avoid those places where you used to go when you were together as this will revive memories and might affect friendship.

6. Appreciate Their New Relationship

Your ex is going to get a new partner somehow. If such situation occurs, make sure you are happy and supportive. Never compare their relationship with yours and talk about it. Instead, give them suggestions on how they can have a happy life together. Supporting their new relationship is a clear sign that you have accepted them as a true friend.