7 Best Ideas For First Date

7 Best Ideas For First Date

First dates are a little scary. They can be the base of a relationship. they can wither make or break a relationship. If you just got a girlfriend and you are  looking for some great ideas for your first date then have a look at the list of seven best dating ideas mentioned below.

1. Hiking

If you both are adventurous then share it together by planning a hiking trip. Support each other throughout the trail and share beautiful views together. You can enjoy different snacks in the middle and there are very few people around so you can have your privacy too.

2. Attend Opera or Circus

This totally depends upon your nature and mood. both of the options are completely opposite of each other If you have an inner child in you then take two tickets to a circus and enjoy beautiful performances and rides . Otherwise go to an opera where you can enjoy beautiful melodies for a relaxing first date..

3. Bowling

A little competition of bowling in between you two will be great as a first date. You can place bets on winning which can serve as an excuse to meet again. With this, you will not have to face awkward silences that people usually face on their first dates.

4. Picnic

Plan a relaxing picnic at a peaceful spot.  Set up the camps, cook raw food, do some star gazing and spend quality time together. This type of date is easy on the pockets too so you dont have to spend a lot of money to have fun on your first meetup.

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5. Karaoke Café

Another interesting first date idea is to visit a karaoke café. but never pick up this option if you are a terrible singer or everyone will make fun of you. if you or your date sings good then surely plan a date at a Karaoke Cafe. Impress your date by singing a beautiful song for her or simply sing a duet together.

6. Ice cream parlor

If you are not in a mood to eat heavy food then share an ice cream and talk about stuff at an ice cream parlor. this is an extremely cute idea where you can sit and talk for hours without feeling awkward.

7. Drive

This is another very interesting and romantic idea for a first date. You will have your privacy and you can talk about different things without hesitation. Hold hands together, turn off your phones and enjoy each other’s company.

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First dates should not be limited to fancy dinners only. Pick any of the above mentioned ideas to make your first date memorable and interesting.