8 Best Pickup Lines To Try

8 Best Pickup Lines To Try

Pickup lines are tricky. You can even get a slap from the girl you are using your pickup line on. They should be extremely catchy or you will end up with embarrassment and shame. This post has gathered some of the best pickup lines that can never get you rejected.

“If looks could kill, you would cause mass destruction”

Complimenting a lady is always good as girls love compliments. And here you are comparing her with something as big as a nuclear bomb. Make sure you sound cute when you say that.

“Just like a broken pencil, life without you will be pointless”

This pickup line will work best if you use it in the middle of a conversation. This shows a girl that her life will have an impact on you. This line doesn’t show any sign of desperation and is surely a perfect one.

“If I Had Four Quarters to Give to the Four Prettiest Girls in the World, You Would Have a Dollar.”

This line is a perfect combination of smart and sexy. It will tell the girl that you are putting her above everyone else. You can also set the grounds by dropping some pennies in front of her by mistake and say the line while picking them up.

“Are you keyboard because you are my type”

This is another very cute line that tells a girl about your likes. She will feel like you are giving her importance and will tell her that you want to stick to her for long.

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Hey! Would you like to dance?

This is a simple yet cute pickup line that can take your relationship forward. A girl loves to dance and if it is your lucky day, she will definitely say yes. Make sure you dress nicely and have fresh breath or she won’t like a bit

“I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.”

There is no chance she will say no to this pickup line as this cute sentence shows you want your future with her and not just a hookup. Approach her, smile and say this line and wait for her to smile back.

“If God made anything more beautiful than you, I’m sure he’d keep it for himself.”

Another complimenting pickup line that will melt her heart. This pickup line works most of the time as it has got nothing that makes it cheap. The decent combination of words will definitely make her think about considering you. Offer her a drink or coffee afterwords.

“Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?”

If this line works, you will have her number as well as her picture which is a good thing. Comparing a girl to an angel will flatter her and she will definitely start the conversation.

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These are some best pickup lines that you can use. Click here to have a look at the list of worst pickup lines that you should definitely avoid.