Who is Cupid?

Who is Cupid?

Everyone knows about cupid. Since childhood, we have heard stories about him and its miracles of him making people fall in love. But the history of Cupid goes a long long way. Cupid is a character of fiction and as per the myths; he was the Greek God of love, beauty, and passion. People believing in Greek mythology thought that every love story was blessed by the blessings of the Cupid. Here we are going to discuss some amazing things about the history and mythology of Cupid.

The Origin of Cupid

Cupid goes by another name Eros as well, the Greek counterpart of Cupid. Eros is a baby boy with a pink face and wings who is a Roman God of passion, beauty, and love. Further, in Latin, there are two names for Cupid, Cupido and Amor. Cupido means ‘desire’ and Amor means ‘love’. Then there are Cupid’s parents, Venus was his mother (the daughter of Dione and Jupiter, the wife of Vulcan), and Mars was his father. It is also said that Venus complained to Themis, who was one of the strong Titans that her son was not growing up to become a man. Themis told her that her son was a solitary one which is why he was not growing up, in order for him to grow up a brother sibling was needed. Venus than had Eros’s brother who was named Anteros, as soon as Anteros was born Eros started growing and gaining strength.

Greek Cupid to Roman Cupid

When Rome conquered Greece, the description of this cherub changed from a slender boy with wings to a baby with pink face and wings of a dove used for flying; it was in the Hellenistic age which ended in thirty- first BC.


Cupid and Valentine’s Day

This new amalgamation of Greek and Roman Cupid became the modern face of Cupid and is now very popular in all the places where there is love especially on Valentine’s Day.

How does Cupid Look

The Cupid is a baby with an arrow and a bow which he uses to shoot the power of love and darts of desires on people as well as Gods wherever he goes. He is also sometimes portrayed as blindfolded because cupid can often change his mind regarding love and take it back from people. Cupid is depicted as an art of ‘Putto’ which is naked and podgy human baby boy with wings.

Cupid and his Arrows

In some myths, there are two arrows or one arrow with two heads. There is a gold one, with a very sharp tip, if he fires that gold one on the female heart it will immediately be filled with love for a certain man and the desire to be with that man forever. Shakespeare says about Cupid that it changes his mind and applies blindfold he uses his blunt-tip arrow on either male or female, when the lead arrow hit a heart the certain person change their mind about the beloved, so he wants to end the relationship and be free from that beloved person (who is not very beloved anymore) so that he can start another relationship. The Golden arrow represents the truest love and the Lead arrow represents sensual passion and wanton.

Cupid’s Girlfriend

The Cupid at one point in his life also had a girlfriend, her name was ‘Psyche’, she was always lonely because her friends never liked her and the male gods were never interested in her. But when she met the god of love and beauty the Cupid (Eros), she was happy and both of them lived happily ever after. But before they got married, Psyche was given a task to make Eros’s mother happy. She was supposed to locate an underground cave and find the hidden treasure box, bring it back to Venus. But because she was impatient and needed love, so she opened the box and was immediately was struck with a lead arrow and died. When Eros found her, he revived her to marry her. They had a daughter whom they named ‘Voluptas’ which means ‘pleasure’ and ‘desire’.


Cupid’s Symbols

Cupid’s Greek name is Eros, in some places and myths his arrows are depicted as romance and erotic love. Whenever a person is hit by his arrow, they do not die rather fall in love with a certain person. The symbols that represent Cupid are bows, arrows, lyre, torches, doves, and roses that are also a clear representation of love and passion. Cupid is also often seen as mischievous creature (for his matchmaking skills), that he inherited from his mother.

Cupid in Modern Era

In modern era as compared to Greek era, Cupid is not seen with as much value as much as he was seen in the past because in the past as a Greek God he was worshiped while today, he is limited to Valentine’s Day and Literary Books. Today, when they are not worshiped anymore we see them mostly in February when Valentine’s Day is just around the corner or when there is a western wedding which is about to happen.

Cupid, no matter how far do we go in time, will always remain a symbol of Love, Desire, Beauty, Passion and Romance.

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