6 Expert Dating Tips For Men

6 Expert Dating Tips For Men

Dating is tough, especially if it’s the first one. If you are taking your girl on a date and you want it to be perfect then read the expert tips to make your date memorable and perfect for her.

1. First Impression

You might look cool in a graphic tee but it will not look good on a first date. First impression is very important which will last forever. This doesn’t mean you wear a three piece suit but keep decency in mind with whatever you wear and do.

2. Confidence Is The Key

Women don’t like men who are shy and hesitated. Be confident and practice before going on a date. Talk confidently and express the real you.

3. Let Her Talk

Don’t just keep talking about yourself. Keep the sentences short and ask questions as this will let her speak too. Make sure to listen as listening shows you are giving attention.

4. Keep It Fun

You will get lots of chances to have serious conversations with her later. So, leave it for the first dates and talk about funny stuff. Crack jokes, ask her funny questions, etc.

5. Don’t Talk About Past

A girl will never like it if you talk to her about your ex or her ex. So try avoiding these types of conversations. Talk about your aims and goals instead.

6. Pay The Bill

Girls usually insist on paying their share of the bill but try to treat her and pay the bill because this is what gentlemen usually do.

Make sure you do everything perfectly because a good date will eventually lead to a good relationship in future.