How To Choose Between Two Dating Prospects

How To Choose Between Two Dating Prospects


Having two guys attracted towards you is both happy and sad. No matter what you do, you have to break ones heart at the end and that would be painful. Whenever there is a choice between two persons, someone has to be the winner. If you are facing a situation like this where you are very confused about which guy to choose then this post is gathering some of the ways and tips to help you choose between two guys. In the end, it all depends upon you.

1. Compare

This is pretty obvious. Sit back, relax and list down all the good and bad qualities of both options and compare them together. You can categorize this thing with appearance, tastes, class, behaviors, nature, etc. There are still a lot of other factors by which you should choose a person but comparing the positives and negatives is a good start.

2. Commitment

When you are choosing between two guys, find out which one is there for you for long term. Search about their past relationships and find out who is better at keeping long term relationships. Talk to them and ask them about their intentions. Follow carefully how they communicate with you. Being a girl, it is pretty easy for you to spot someone who is only there for their lust.

3. Compatibility

Compatibility is the key for a successful relationship. See which guy is more compatible with you and your behaviors. You will face a time when your heart will automatically start pushing one person out of your good books. This probably means you should consider the other one.

4. Social Skills

You should be proud of the person you in a relationship with. For this, find out how good they are when they are with you in public. How they interact with other people in front of you is very essential to choose the right guy.

5. Aims And Goals

You definitely deserve a guy who is hard working and who has big goals and dreams to achieve. Talk about their goals for future and analyze how ambitious they are towards achieving those goals. Guys who have bigger goals are very focused on their work and are pretty punctual.

6. Freedom

Being a young girl, you don’t want anyone to put chains on you and to suffocate you. You need someone with whom you are free to be open and who doesn’t restrict you from anything. Your liberty is very important to you so if one guy suffocates you, asks a lot of questions such as “where are you?” or “who is with you?” then choose the other.

7. Listen To Your Heart

Finally if you think that both of the guys are same and no one is superior than the other then listen to your heart. Use your imagination and imagine living your entire life with each of the person. You will automatically get one answer. Don’t let him go and cut the connections with the other one immediately as keeping in touch with the other one will be considered cheating.