Best Netflix and Chill Movies to Watch With Your BF/GF

Best Netflix and Chill Movies to Watch With Your BF/GF

Who doesn’t like to indulge in Netflix and chill? On our gloomy eve and on our happy days, most of us prefer to watch Netflix and have some good time. But choosing a movie is difficult, so we are listing here some amazing movies for you to choose from and even watch again and again, because they are quite addicting. But beware, there may be some spoilers as well:-

Thor Ragnarok

Doesn’t Disney make absolutely lovable movies? Thor is witty, funny and obviously powerful. He needs to save his planet form his evil sister but for that, he needs to find himself first. Which he obviously does with the help of his friends because he is Thor The Mighty. (also Loki becomes a good guy in this movie and I absolutely love it).

Drinking Buddies

As the name suggests, it’s about people wanting to drink to avoid physical lust but still drinking and making it an excuse to have their desires fulfilled. It’s nothing new but still is interesting to watch.

Sliding Doors

One of the best movies from 90’s, is staring Gwyneth Paltrow. It is like a two-dimensional movie with alternate happenings and their results. It’s a bit confusing but is still worth watching and you will actually enjoy it.

Obvious Child

It’s a movie on dark humor. A humor that makes us realize what life is actually. It’s about how one mistake can change your life and how you look at it. When Jenny makes a mistake and finds out that she is pregnant; her decisions regarding abortion reflect the life itself but are portrayed as hilarious and bold.


Carol’s theme of women loving women may not be taboo today but this film was set in the 1950’s New York when it was a difficult thing. After being separated from her husband; she is wanted back by him and when she denies, he blocks her contact with her daughters. 

There are many amazing movies to mention, but these are the best and top five ones. We believe that people have different choices relating to the genre of the movies and some may also not like these romantic movies but we are still suggesting that you should definitely give it a try and see how you like them especially Thor because it’s the best one.