5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Best Friend

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Your Best Friend

It has been discussed before that dating your best friend has benefits as well as some disadvantages. Well if you are considering this option then have a look at some of reasons why you shouldn’t be in a relationship with your best friend.

1. Risk Of Loosing A Best Friend

The number one risk of dating your best friend is that you might loose a best friend too if the relationship doesn’t work out. So if you are sure that you two will last then go for it.

2. One Sided Feelings

If you start to love your BFF, then chances are he or she might not have the same feeling for you. He or she might just be doing it so that you don’t get hurt. This doesn’t lead to a long term relationship.

3. Less Alone Time

There are times when you just want to take a break from everything and have some fun with your friends. Well while in a relationship with your best friend, chances are you both have mutual friends which means you will have less space.

4. You Know More Than You Should

Best friends share almost everything which should not be shared with a partner. You partner will be aware of your deepest secrets and weaknesses which can be used against your after some time.

5. Less Charm

As best friends you both have a lot in common. This makes life boring and predictable. So always try to keep things interesting by adding adventures to life otherwise you won’t enjoy the relationship.

If you are willing to take these risks then you must start dating your best friend as this has many benefits too.