How To Have A Healthy Relationship While Travelling

How To Have A Healthy Relationship While Travelling

Distances can be a tough part of a relationship. They can either make the relationship strong or weak. There are times when you have to travel away from your partner. It can be because of work, studies or something else. If you are facing a situation like this or you are planning to travel without your partner in future, then have a look at some interesting tips to keep the relationship strong while travelling.

1. Talk

This is very obvious yet very important thing to do before travelling. You should talk clearly about it with your partner and tell them the need and conditions for your travel. There might be a possibility of them coming along with you. If not, then assure them about your loyalty and be clear about your demands and conditions as well.

2. Spare Time

You are away from your partner and the only thing you could do to make them feel special and loved is when you spare some time from your busy schedule for them. Set a specific time in a day where you could just talk to them on phone or Skype. Make sure to send small texts throughout the day such as “good morning” or “you are beautiful”. This will ensure them you are missing them and they have significant amount of value in your life.

3. Tell Your Fears

Going away from your partner develops a lot of fears inside of you. Whatever you are afraid of; mention it clearly so that your partner will make sure not to do it. You might be afraid that you partner is going to kiss someone or start talking to someone else when you leave so it’s best to tell them. No one knows what you are thinking unless you tell them.

4. Make them A Part Of Your Plans

Now that you have decided it’s not possible to travel with them, make sure you include them in every plan that you are making. The person that cares about you and appreciates your success will be excited to hear about your plans. It will also tell you partner that you both are going to be out of touch for some time so he or she doesn’t have to worry.

5. Make Out On Phone

We as adults know what this means. Intimacy is a very important part of a relationship so don’t drop it if you are away. Phone sex is a little awkward for most of the people at the beginning but if you start off with something common like memories of the past, you will eventually feel comfortable going forward with it.

6.  Trust

Trust is the base of any relationship and this trust weakens when you move away from each other for a while. This is because of the fears that were mentioned before. If you are having trouble trusting your partner, then think about them as they are facing the same situation and are still trusting you blindly.