7 Romantic Proposal Ideas

7 Romantic Proposal Ideas

A girl has many dreams. One of those dreams is a perfect proposal. Proposing has become very trendy now and girls expect more than just simple and traditional proposals. If you are a guy and you are running out of ideas to propose your girl then this post might be very helpful for you. Read below to find out the best proposal ideas that are romantic, cute and helpful.

1. Romantic Dinner

This way has been working perfectly since ages and is still very classic. A romantic dinner to her favorite place with less people and great ambiance will be perfect to ask “The Question”. You can make it more romantic by dimming the lights and placing candles. It not necessary that you visit expensive restaurants and spend huge amount money. You can also cook her favorite dinner at your place and propose her.

2. Place Where You First Met

Another good way to propose her is to take her to the place where you two first saw each other. This will remind her of the beautiful time in past. Make it romantic by recreating the whole scenario of how you met. Ask the Question and she will definitely say YES!

3. Movie Theatre

This will require some working but this way has been tried and tested positive.  Get help from friends to shoot a small movie clip asking her the question. Plan a movie date to her favorite cinema and pretend to go to washroom as she waits in the cinema. Play the movie and secretly record how overwhelmed she feels. Show up with the ring after words and there is no chance she will reject.

4. Mountain

This also requires some work but if you want to make her feel special, you should work for it. For this idea, ask your friends to write a beautiful proposal on charts and place them at a roof which is visible from the mountain. Take your girl there and let her look around with binoculars. Get on your knees once she sees the charts.

5. Romantic Tee

This is also an old idea but it still works. Wear your tee with the proposal written under a jacket or hoodie, get to a romantic place and take the jacket off to let her see the question.

6. Radio

If you love your girl, then be brave and tell the world how you feel about her. She will love it as she finally has someone who is brave enough to tell the world how he feels about her. But, this idea works only if she is a frequent radio listener. Make a call to a radio show, say the words and show up with the ring afterwards.

7. Banner

This is familiar to radio and is equally effective. This is helpful at times when you are afraid of rejection. Simply get a banner with the proposal words and place it where she frequently visits such as her office. She will appreciate it if it’s a yes and will simply ignore it if it’s a no.

These are some great ways to propose your girl. Pick any way that you think is suitable and go for it.