Seven Clear Signs You Need A Relationship Consultant

Seven Clear Signs You Need A Relationship Consultant

Most of the people believe that their life is going to be perfect when they get married. They think of it as a fairy tale whereas in reality, most of marriages don’t go as they are supposed to. Marriage has its pros and cons. Sometimes, the issues and arguments become out of our reach. That’s where we should consider talking to professional for help.

So when do you seek help from someone? Keep reading as this post is going to give you the answer as to when you should contact a marriage counseling session.

1. When There Is No Communication

The importance of communication is mentioned in almost every post here. Most of the problems arise when partners stop communicating with each other. Talking to a professional will help you finding new ways to communicate. It will be difficult in the start but will eventually get better.

2. When You Keep Secrets

Personal space is a healthy thing in a relationship but keeping secrets from each other is not right. If you are hiding things from you partner and they do the same with you, it means that it’s time you should seek help from a professional.

3. When There Is Negative Communication

Negative communication means talking to your partner in a way that makes them feel shamed, judged, insecure or unloved. Negative communication also includes you way of communicating with the partner. Nobody likes harsh tone and it can escalate into a bigger problem.

4. You See Each Other As Rivals

A relationship is something where both members act as a team and everything they do affects the other. If you feel like your partner has become your rival and compete with you in everything, you better go to a relationship consultant and talk about it.

5. When You Don’t Want Sex Anymore

This doesn’t mean sex with anyone but sex with your partner. Sex tapers automatically after some time of marriage but if your partner doesn’t appeal you anymore, then there is definitely some problem. Increased sex can also be a sign of something fishy as you or your partner might be doing it as a compensation of something you both weren’t supposed to do.

6. When You Find Someone Else

Affairs happen when you are not satisfied or are bored with your partner. You find someone else to fulfill your needs and expectations. If you are thinking about an affair or already started one, then it’s good to contact a professional asap so that your marriage doesn’t break.

7. When You Fight Continuously

Little fights and disputes are absolutely normal in a relationship but if those fights never break and you both find a reason to insult and fight with each other, then there is definitely a need to talk to a consultant.

Relationship therapists can only help if both the partners are willing to make the relationship right and happy. If you have decided that you don’t want a relationship then it’s better to part ways then talking to someone.