Seven Real Reasons Why Women Cheat

Seven Real Reasons Why Women Cheat

Affairs after marriage are a common thing and no matter how much someone denies it, they are there. There are several studies which proved that men cheat more than women but this doesn’t mean women don’t cheat at all. Cheating is common now and this doesn’t depend on gender anymore. This post is gathering some of the major reasons why women cheat.

1. Too Much Attachment

Women get attached pretty quickly and this attachment when not fulfilled completely leads to cheating. Another side of this point is too much attachment leads to women feeling suffocated. Keep the attachment to acceptable levels and your girl will not think of going to someone else.

2. Abandonment

People give a lot of time and efforts at the start of a relationship but as the time passes by, their efforts start to fade away. Most of the women cheat because of this reason because they feel abandoned both physically and emotionally. Your physical presence is not important if you are not there for her emotionally. In order to avoid this, communication is important. Ask her what she wants and tell your needs too.

3. Emotional Cheating

This is another reason why most of the women cheat. Emotional cheating, if not stopped eventually leads to physical one. Most of the people think that it is not very harmful for relationship but the fact is emotional cheating is equally damaging as physical one.

4. Increased Sexual Desire

There comes a time in a woman’s life when her sexual desires reach to extreme. That’s when some women cheat as their desires are not being fulfilled by their partner. This can also be resolved with the help of proper communication. You should be able to fulfill all her needs and desires in order for her to stay with you.

5. Money

Money is another very important factor in a relationship and due to this, many women cheat. Every girl wants someone who is financially stable and lives a wealthy life. So when they meet someone who doesn’t have too much money, they go somewhere else. This is not the only case as some women cheat when they have a lot of money. They feel superior and they use cheating to show their superiority.

6. Revenge

Revenge is not restricted to women.  Cheating to take revenge happens in both the genders. Women who have been hurt, disrespected or cheated by their partners use cheating as a revenge. In this type of cheating, they make sure that their partner knows they are being cheated. If cheating is done out of revenge, then the relationship has not meaning left as you are not doing justice with anyone, even with yourself.

7. Boredom

Women who cheat are usually bored of their relationship and they used cheating as a thing to kill their boredom. Women like being chased and they like to keep the drama. So it’s the responsibility of her partner to spice up the things throughout the relationship so their women don’t feel bored or stuck in a relationship.