Seven Signs Your Partner Is Not Into You Anymore

Seven Signs Your Partner Is Not Into You Anymore

Being in a relationship with someone is one of the most beautiful experiences of life. You get to share your life with someone else and their happiness and sorrows is yours now. Not all of the relationships stay smooth like fairy tales because as the time passes by, people start to loose interest in their partners and they simply don’t love them anymore. There are many signs to find out if your partner is not into you anymore. Scroll down to find some of them

1. They Don’t Talk about Future

You and your partner might have decided the name of your kids at the start of a relationship because that’s what people do when they love each other. However, those talks will eventually disappear with the passage of time as your partner doesn’t want you in their future anymore. This is a clear sign that your partner has no feelings left for you.

2. They Treat You As An Option

Having a beautiful relationship means you prioritize them and treat them above all. If your partner seems too busy with stuff and doesn’t spare time for you then this is a clear sign that they are trying to get away from you.

3. They Become Selfish

A person who is not interested in you will only come to you if he needs something. They will not be there for you when you need them and will only show up for any favor from you. It can be anything from borrowing a car to doing their stuff. You can easily spot it with their fake smiles and phony kindness.

4. They Do Not Communicate

In most of the healthy relationships, partners cannot stay calm if they do not communicate with each other. However, if your partner doesn’t mind staying away from you and is not putting any effort to communicate, then it’s a bad news for you. If your partner isn’t starting any conversation and you are the one who always starts it, then they are likely to leave you.

5. They Blame You For Everything

This is a very common thing that people do in order to manipulate and control you. If your partner blames you for everything even if you are not at fault, then it’s good for you to leave because living with such person will only give you pain.

6. They Will Not Include You In Their Success

They might brag about their achievements and successes but they won’t include you in it. You will no longer be a part of their activities which you both once shared and enjoyed together.

7. They Don’t Care Anymore

They will stop caring about you if they are not interested in you anymore. Most of the people pretend like they care but you will clearly start to feel that they don’t with their actions and expressions.

If you start to feel such things in your relationship, then don’t wait for them to break the news. Simply ask them if they are not interested and part your ways. It will hurt at the start but this decision will be very helpful for your future.