7 Things That Kill A Relationship

7 Things That Kill A Relationship

Getting into a relationship is not hard but keeping it is a challenge. Everyone is very excited and supportive in the beginning of a relationship but after spending some time together, they start to loose affection and interest in each other. If you are in a happy relationship and you want to keep it forever then have a look at some of the things you should avoid. These practices will eventually lead to a breakup no matter how strongly you are bonded.

Communication Gap

Lack of communication contributes a lot in breaking a relationship. Communication helps creating strong bonding between couples as they share their life and talk about problems and their solutions. After spending some time together, couples prioritize other things which put communication to a corner. Therefore never stop communicating with your partner as it is the key to a stronger and happier relationship.


Betrayal is one of many reasons why people breakup. This includes cheating and infidelity. This is because after spending time together, partners do not work on fulfilling each other’s sexual desires. This leads to couple cheating and getting their sexual desires fulfilled from outside of home. Therefore talk about your sex life and never try to cheat on your partner.

Relationships Of The Past

No matter what you do, you can never forget your past. This includes your past relationships and their memories. If you have been in a relationship in past then there is no need to discuss it as bringing up you past can disturb your happy relationship. A relationship is very delicate so you have to be careful with everything. Instead of talking about your past, plan your future together.


Those who say love is all we need are somewhat wrong. Money is a very important factor in a relationship. At the start people don’t really care about the expenses and they don’t talk about it but as the time passes by, they start to realize the importance of money. So manage your own finances to avoid any possible mishap in a relationship.


The feeling of insecurity cracks almost every type of relationship.  Due to insecurity, couples often become over possessive and due to this, they suffocate each other. If you do not want to kill a healthy and happy relationship, then never suffocate your partner and give them the space that they deserve.


Complaints also contribute in killing a relationship. If you do not appreciate your partner and continuously complain about different things then they will eventually start to create distance from you. Nobody likes continuous drama so avoid complaining and your relationship will never get killed.


Addiction not only affects your health but also destroys relationship. Nobody likes to be in a relationship with a drug addict or alcoholic. Drugs make you forget the world around you including your partner and during that phase, you do some things that are tolerable. If you really want to keep the relationship grow then don’t be an addict.

Relationships are very delicate and they need a lot of care and attention. If you really love your partner, then invest your time in them and avoid the things mentioned above.