Things to Consider before Proposing Her

Things to Consider before Proposing Her

Are you planning to propose her? And are you also super excited about it? Wait, dont just jump into it. You must wait and go through these five points to consider before wrapping your head around the idea of marrying her (don’t stop being excited though).


Do you actually have a good understanding with your partner? Having different personalities is another story but before getting married you need to understand each other completely.


You should talk to your ‘to be fiancé about how are you going to manage the expenses of wedding planning and running house expense. You don’t have to feel ashamed talking about it because you’re getting married and need to have a good understanding level between each other.
Things to consider before proposing


How many children should we have once we’re married? This topic makes the couples fight after marriage. Talk about children before getting married so that you can back out in time (just kidding).


Are you willing to let go of your passion, your career for your wife? Because getting married means compromise (and you know better who compromises). If your ‘to be wife isn’t fond of your job. Can you quit it for her and start a job of her choice?


This is the most dangerous thing you’ll have to consider because you know partners seldom like each other’s parents and don’t really get along with each other. You must not only impress her parents but stay in their good books even after getting married, or else you know the consequences.

The mere thought of getting married gives people butterflies, but as soon as they consider some key factors those butterflies fly away. We hope you consider all those things, find their solution and get happily married