3 Things Women Seeks In Their Partners

3 Things Women Seeks In Their Partners

Women are deemed as emotionally needier than men. You give them everything still they’ll complain about the tiniest inconvenience that comes their way. Their wants and needs are different from that of men, men should adopt completely different ways of dealing with their wants and needs. They are super fragile and can be super clingy too (sometimes) but all in all, women are a beautiful creation of God and if you want to make them happy you just need to follow these three things:-

Tell Her Everyday That She Is Loved

Who doesn’t like to hear that they are loved and valued? We all love some affection, right? But in the case of women, they need you to tell them that you love them every day and multiple times a day (or they’ll probably kill you).

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Understand Her

Its super complex to understand women, if she says no it means yes and if she says yes it definitely means no. but, if you are her love partner you should know better what she means depending upon situations. They are complex human beings but are super sweet too, they want you to understand why she is still unhappy even after you bought her a bouquet and largest box of chocolates (or maybe a car).


All she wants to do is to make you happy; in doing so she sometimes makes some mistakes. In this position, you should understand that she was too excited to make you happy and in her excitement made these small mistakes and should forgive and shouldn’t be cross with her.

Aren’t women the most adorable murderous creatures? (Just kidding) but after reading this you do realize that it is super easy to make women happy, right? Because women are very emotional and fragile it’s hard to deal with them when they’re sad and it requires patience to do so.