5 Types Of Men You Should Avoid

5 Types Of Men You Should Avoid

If you just broke up or you have been single your entire life, then this might be the time you get yourself a guy. There are different types of buys in this world and not every one of them is good. Before dating a guy you should make sure he is not among the following type of guys as they are the people you should stay away from.

1. The Baby

It’s true that men are emotional too but if a guy cries too much about everything, lacks confidence and doesn’t handle situations well, then its better that you stay away from him. A girl wants someone mature enough to handle situations and be protective. If a guy is too childish, then he should stick to her mom instead of being with you.

2. The Broke

It’s not like you act materialistic but a little money is an essential part of a healthy relationship. A relationship work when both partners contribute equally whether it is time or money.  Avoid those men who always forget to bring cash or ask you to pay every time you go out. Men who do such things are not gentlemen as they always rely on you. You do not deserve someone with zero dignity.

types of men to avoid

3. The Controller

These guys are the worst in the list. Everyone has the freedom to do whatever he or she wants. Being possessive is nice but being bossy is something not acceptable.  If you feel like he is caging you and he wants to know where you are what you are doing and whom you are with, then this is a clear sign for you to stay away.

4. The Narcissist

This type of guy is very obsessed with his looks and always talks about himself. For him, your efforts will not matter as he thinks only about himself. He will give you least attention as he is too busy in himself. In order to spot a narcissist, see if he only talks about himself and doesn’t appreciate you or your efforts.

5. The Liar

You should also stay away from liars. A relationship whose foundation is based on lies will never work no matter what. The best way to find out a liar is to see if he lies others to be with you. Is he hiding you or lying about being with you? If yes then chances are he might do this to you too. A person who lies and cheats for you will most likely cheat on you too.

Kind of men you should avoid

These are some of the men you should avoid as getting into relationship with them will lead to disappointment and heartbreak. Relationship is a very serious matter because it can have a huge impact on your life and future. Therefore find a guy carefully who loves you, cares for you and never lies to you.