6 Smart Ways To Attract Any Desi Girl

6 Smart Ways To Attract Any Desi Girl


One of the hardest breeds to impress are desi girls. In order to catch the eye of a desi girl, you need to put in some extra effort. Below are some of the tips to impress desi girls.

1.Be Confident

Not only desi but any girl can be impressed if you are confident. Being confident means you are bold and comfortable with your abilities. This impresses a desi girl and she can be yours.

2. Be Different

In order to impress a desi girl, you need to set yourself apart from other around her. You don’t have to be extra in order to achieve it. Rather make her center of attention and show her you care.

3. Impress Her Friends

Close friends are very important for a desi girl so in order to impress her, you need to impress them first. Girls usually take opinion about a guy from her close friends so if you succeed in impressing them, you will definitely succeed in having her.

4. Respect Her

Desi girls take respect very seriously. This might seem old fashioned but pulling out chairs, opening doors and giving her flowers will definitely make an impression.

5. Show Her Your Talents

Let her know if you have any special talents such as singing, dancing, playing musical instrument or any other thing. While doing this, make sure you are good at it or this might make a bad impression instead of a good one.

6. Do Not Rush

One thing that a desi girl hates is when someone rushes into approaching her. Take your time and be patient. If you rush things, then there is a chance she might get annoyed.

Keep the above mentioned tips if there is a desi girl you need to impress and you will definitely succeed.