Ways To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Ways To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

A lot of people say that long distance relationships are hard to keep. It is true to some extent that they are not easy. They require extra efforts and time. Your family and friends might discourage you to have a long distance relationship as they don’t want you to get hurt. On the other hand these types of relations become so beautiful if you know the right way to keep them. If you are in a long distance relationship then have a look at following tips to keep it healthy and happy.

1. Avoid Excess Communication

Communication is very important when it comes to long distance relationships. But having excessive communication can make it difficult as you don’t have to be overly possessive and sticky. Communicating all the time is not a healthy compensation to long distance relationship. By doing this, you will soon get tired and bored of each other and will eventually stop talking at all.

2. Learn From It

If you are planning to live with your partner forever, then take long distance relationship as an opportunity and first learn how to still stay connected while you are apart. Think of it as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of love in between you and your partner.

3. Be Clear About Your Expectations

While in a long distance relationship, you need to be clear with your partner about your expectations and needs. There should be a set of ground rules that you both have to follow in order to keep it healthy. For example, if you do not like your partner to go out after 11 p.m., then be clear and speak out. Openness is important for a healthy relationship.

4. Communicate Regularly

You should tell your partner how important they are and how much you miss them on a regular basis. This will let them know you care about them. Find creative ways to communicate with each other as talking to each other the same way everyday will eventually get boring for both of you. Send pictures, share stories of everyday, skype and send greetings to let other person feel loved.

5. Avoid Risky Situations

This means that you should avoid such things that you think will cause conflict between you and your partner. For example, if your partner doesn’t like you attending the night clubs then don’t go. Similarly, avoid interacting with new people of the other gender as you might get attracted to them and might break the trust of your partner. Never assume that you partner is not going to know. They trust you so you should make sure you do not break it.

6. Try Phone S*x

Intimacy is as important in long distance relationships as it is in normal relationships. Sex is something that keeps both parties connected. Try sexting each other and send pictures to tease your partner.

Long distance relationship

These are some of many tips that will keep a long distance relationship healthy. Long distance relationships require extra efforts so make sure you are ready for it.