5 Things Not To Do On A First Date

5 Things Not To Do On A First Date

It is said that first impression is the last impression. With that in mind, you should be extra careful while going on a first date. It can have either a good or a bad impact on a relationship. Have a look at some of the things that you SHOULDN’T do on a first date.

1. Don’t Be Late

Nobody likes to wait and you need to be extra careful when it comes to going on a first date. It is fashionable to arrive five minutes late but letting your date wait longer than that will leave a bad impression.

2. Don’t Panic

Don’t look like you are stressed and nervous. Be confident and do not overthink. Overthinking may lead to things that you are not supposed to do. Stay natural and everything will automatically become normal.

3. Don’t Talk Too Much

Your date will eventually get bored if you keep telling about yourself. Make sure to create a fine balance in between speaking and listening to your date.

4. Keep The Phone Silent

Using phone on a first date will leave an impression of ignorance. Keep your phone silent and avoid checking it again and again. Give your complete attention to your date and focus on what he or she is saying.

5. Don’t Fake It

Remember that if you are faking it on a first date, you might have to show your real side after some time. And this will be a turn off for your partner. Stay real because the person you are dating should accept you for who you are.

First dates are quite critical. Make sure you do not mess it up by doing any of the above mentioned things.