12 Worst Pickup Lines To Avoid

12 Worst Pickup Lines To Avoid

Pickup lines are a good initiator to start a conversation with a girl but they should be used properly. A pickup line if used correctly can get you a girl. Otherwise you will be left with nothing but shame. The chances of getting a girl through pickup lines are very low as they are disaster most of the times. If you going to use a pickup line in future, make sure they are not among the ones mentioned below.

“I love my bed but can I sleep in yours?”

This shows that you have no interest in dating her. You just want to hookup which completely turns her off.

“Were you sitting on sugar? Cause your ass looks sweet.”

There is no need to tell her that you have already checked her ass. This will leave a very bad impression and will be definitely be a no for you.

“You look like my mother”

Are you telling her she looks old? Girls get offended when they are compared with someone else. So, do not at all costs use this pickup line.

“I am searching for treasure; can I look inside your chest?”

This is another extremely cheap line that can turn any woman off. Try to use cute pickup lines and try to give a positive image about yourself.

“Are you Sun? Cause you are hot!”

There many other ways to call someone sexy or hot. Try not using this one.

“Are you KFC? Cause you are finger lickin’ good”

This line shows nothing but desperation. You don’t want the person to think of you as a perv so avoid such lines which show you are only here for the body.

“Can I stare at your heart?”

This is illogical and cheap at the same time. Why would someone want you to look at her boobs the very first time you are talking? Definitely a NO!

“You smell like trash, let me take you out”

After hearing the first part of the sentence, no one will focus on the second one. Never start a pickup line with something negative and filthy.

“What up Darling?”

Most of the people don’t like to be called darling or sweetheart. You don’t know the type of person you are approaching so avoid such lines that you are not sure will work.

“Are You Snickers? Cause you are Sweet and Nuts”

If crazy is what you meant here by nuts, you are wrong. If you really want to do that, try using sweet only and skip the nuts part.

“I wanna put my thingy in your thingy”

Another very cheap pickup line that indicates nothing but a hookup call. Avoid using it and don’t let her think of you as a desperate pervert.

You don’t always need a pickup line to start a conversation. Sometimes a hello works perfectly. Most of the girls like decency so try that and you will definitely get someone. Click here to check out some of the best and most effective pickup lines.